Welcome to The Big Five Product Creation Module


Now first off, I don’t want you to be all “nooooo Trev, nooooo Marc, I can’t create products!”

Because I’m here to tell you, you absolutely can!  And with this training you’ll be amazed at just how easy that can be.


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Introduction from Trevor

Product Creation




Step 1

Welcome to step one of the creation process.

By creation I mean this could be a product, it could be a lead magnet, it could be a bonus you give away.  In fact any product that you create can be all three, depending on how you want to use it.


Step 2


And relax, this is way easier than you might think!

When you can brand, you can really enhance your results, and increase the perceived value.


Step 3

In this video I show you how to actually create your product, that you can use as a product to launch, or as a lead magnet or as a bonus.

You don’t need to go out and buy any fancy equipment.  This is all done with free tools.  And this is the exact process that I personally use to create my own assets.

“When Marc came to me and invited me to be put of this amazing product I didn’t hesitate.  He is a total professional, and a leader in his field, but most importantly his training is second to none.”

Trevor Carr

Internet Marketer

“I have put absolutely everything I know into this course, which means one thing for you.  If you DO go through this course thoroughly, and apply what we teach you…you WILL get results.”

Marc Gray

Internet Marketer

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